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I’m not crazy….well not anymore.

In all seriousness, let’s be honest with ourselves. There are times when we become overwhelmed and need some professional objective advice on how best to process and move forward in a healthy way. I decided after a pretty telling incident that I needed to speak with a counselor about breaking bad habits and becoming more self aware.

The neighborhood is in Old Louisville and the Counseling Center is located right across the street from Dizzy Whiz. The atmosphere is like visiting your Grandma’s house. When you walk into the reception area there are big comfy arm chairs, candle’s lit, and plants. The reception area is usually empty since the counselors are working, but just relax and take a seat.

I had the pleasure of seeing two counselors at this location. My first experience was with Nancy Waters. Nancy did one-on-one counseling with me. Nancy was very compassionate and was always so welcoming. During my first visit, we talked about my expectations, my major concerns, and the flexibility I needed. Nancy was able to address all of my wants and gave me great flexibility for scheduling and payment. Nancy supported the format I needed to keep my sessions on the right track to accomplish my goals. Now everyone is different, but I was able to feel confident I could work independently on my “opportunities for improvement” without counseling after a year. I am still able to check back in with Nancy whenever I need. During our time together she even allowed me to call her on her day off to help with a stressful situation that I needed advice on.

The other counselor I got to see was Dr. Peter Salerno. Dr. Salerno had a more limited schedule and set payment fee, but his sessions were just as insightful. I met with Dr. Salerno for relationship counseling. I was slightly overwhelmed being in my first long term relationship and got some great tools on how to communicate and work through conflict. I never had to contact Dr. Salerno after hours, but did receive homework that I worked with my partner on.

I apply the lessons I learned from my counselors at Old Louisville Counseling Center to my daily life everyday. For the transitional and lost feeling, I felt only a year ago, I now feel more confident about the decisions I make and have great tools for moving forward into a healthy future.

Ask yourself now, how does this review make you feel? :-).

– Melanie K., Cincinnati, OH

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