About Premarital Counseling

Why Should You Do Premarital Counseling?

Marriage is a relationship of intentional effort, coming about through friendship, knowledge of one another and an indefinable chemistry, joining the two of you in a secure and dynamic partnership. This relationship enhances the gifts, skills and talents of each of you so that together, you create a synergy that is greater than either of you could possibly experience in a life of singleness. Here are some common myths about pre-marital counseling:

The 4 Most Common Myths About Premarital Counseling

Reality: The “It” will come up in due time. Talking about the strengths of your relationship is empowering. Talking about your concerns allows you to trust yourself and your partner in taking on challenges. Differences can be negotiated!

Reality: Only conscious effort will create a marriage that is really yours, not one that is a repeated pattern of the family in which you grew up. This means looking at yourself and your partner with a plan for the life that you want to create together.

Reality: You are wise to have in-depth discussions about the many parts of your lives. Each of you knows about your own life and the past history of your partner’s life; however, neither of you can know what marriage will be like until you actually get there. Pre-marital counseling allows for a time to discuss what each of you will need emotionally, domestically, socially and spiritually.

Reality: This may mean that you will be living under the same roof together, or you will no longer have loved ones telling you what to do and how to do it. The stress of planning your wedding is behind you and now you can move forward. This new move forward brings up inevitable questions about the basic aspects of life, such as finances, food preparation and clean up, laundry, pets, picking up the living areas, friends, entertainment, how time is shared, how to face difficulties, and many more issues.

What To Expect in Premarital Counseling

Counselors equip the two of you to be aware and respectful of your partners needs. Topics often discussed are communication styles, conflict resolution and establishing agreements that make life together meaningful and satisfying. Marriage provides you with a very special person with whom to experience life together. Let yourselves get off to the best start ever by sitting down and making sure that the two of you are on track for all of the happiness and peace of mind that is important for a lifetime together.

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